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Top spots you have to see while you’re in Vilnius – plus the top 10 restaurants.


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The Original Service Abroad with LDS Standards!

"I cannot even put into
words what my time in China meant to me! The bonds and friendships that
I made will last a

Stephanie Rockwood
Past ILP

Find out what it is like to travel the world and live abroad for a semester. As an ILP teacher, you'll travel, serve, and make life-long friends with other college-age volunteers who share standards and values consistent with the LDS community. By interacting with children for a few hours each day, you will give them something that will open doors for them for the rest of their lives--the English language. You'll have a safe, unique chance to live with the local people in Russia, China, Mexico, or Ukraine.

Thousands of college-age volunteers have served with ILP, since our organization started in 1992. The best part of your education may be waiting for you thousands of miles away in another country. We invite you to look around our site then Contact Us or set up a time that works best for you hear from someone who has just returned from the program. Don't miss your opportunity to have an experience living abroad before life catches up with you!

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