“Light The Orphanage” in Haiti

The Foyer Coin des Cieux orphanage in Saint-Marc, Haiti supports nearly 30 orphans and a group of American college-age volunteers who come to give their time and talents for 4 months through International Language Programs (ILP). The volunteers also teach an additional 90 children from the surrounding community. The classrooms and living spaces were originally built by a generous donation from another organization, Pathways 2 English.

The orphanage is in great need of a sustainable power-generation system. Because of reforms and overall infrastructure deficiencies in Haiti, utilities cannot provide enough consistent power to sustain the children, volunteers, and orphanage staff. To temporarily solve the problem, they have received a small generator on loan. However, blackouts are frequent and often there is not enough power at night to even run fans to keep the volunteers cooler in the hot, humid climate. The orphanage has undertaken a project to become more self-sustained with it’s power needs by purchasing solar panels, solar batter cells, and a generator. The cost of the power project in total is $18,360. ILP is trying to raise funds to help pay for at least a part of the orphanage’s power project.

International Language Programs connected with the orphanage early in 2017.  The orphans here have their basic needs met, but ILP volunteers are able to help them learn to speak English naturally from a native speaker, as well as dedicate one-on-one time and attention from a loving role model. ILP volunteers teach the children who live in the orphanage as well as around 90 other children who live in homes in the neighborhood with families that come from very limited means. It’s been amazing to see the children’s growth from not speaking English at all to now having natural, complex conversations. This will greatly impact their future as speaking English is a highly sought after skill.