Head Teacher Survey

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What school are you head teaching at? *
Does each teacher have his/her own classroom? If not, how are classrooms divided up or shared? *
Are there enough tables and chairs for every student in each classroom? * yes
What is the max, min, and average number of hours your teachers are teaching per day/week? *
How many students/teachers are part of the Beginning program?
How long are Beginning classes?
How many teachers/students are part of the Basic Reading Program?
How long are Basic Reading classes?
How many students/teachers are part of the ELE program?
How long are ELE classes?
Is your school requiring you/your teachers to teach any additional classes besides ELE and regular ILP classes (like a dance class, culture, extra English tutoring, etc...)? *
Are there any teachers that live 15 minutes away or more and are not getting money for travel? If so, how many and how far away do they live?
Please describe the meal schedule at your school. Are teachers recieving meals 7 days a week, three meals a day? *
Describe your Internet access. How reliable is it? How often are you and your teachers able to use it? *
What days have been designated as vacation days for you throughout the semester? *
What is the best emergency phone number for us to contact you at? *

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