humanitarian experiences 

spend your semester giving back in places where your impact is especially needed. give one-on-one time to children in an orphanage in europe or help children learn english in locations like costa rica, nicaragua and the caribbean.

most affordable adventures 

get the classic semester adventure while sticking to your budget. travel + teach kids all over the world in places like europe and asia  —  we have several country options for our most affordable program.

brand new programs 

check out our newest location in uganda, africa! jump on a safari over the weekend after spending your week with kindergarteners in the classroom, helping them learn english + joining in on other special clean water service projects.

Choose your semester
+ apply online

Chat with your ILP rep
about your questions
+ decide which location
is best for you

Receive your country
assignment + get ready
to go abroad
with our help

Meet your group +
start your adventure!

I honestly had no idea how cool Nicaragua was until ILP opened a program there and I started seeing all the crazy rad adventures it has. This spot is close enough to where you’ll be living that you and your group could do some fun weekend trips out here! Shout out to the Fall 2019 group for showing us around their beautiful country when we came to visit @brinleysoutham @erin_nicole_18 @queen.karl @cheifcella @zadie_snow @taylorrubydale @mccall_nielsen and @liz__anderson

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A few spring programs are starting this week, then throughout the rest of January and February we’ll have more groups departing. Post pics, embrace the unknown, laugh off the quirkiness of getting used to a new culture and a new experience, and be a friend to everyone you meet. Some days will be scary and some days will be awkward and uncomfortable and some will be the best of your life, embrace it all. You didn’t come for comfort though right? You came for the memories. The friends you make in your ILP group will make your semester what it is, so be brave and jump all in. Be a friend to everyone in your group, the ones you click with right away and the ones you don’t (especially the ones you don’t). I can’t wait to see your adventures this semester!
📷 @taylornikolaus #ilpadventure #ilpchinaadventure

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ROTI 😍 If you know you know. And if you’re heading to Thailand soon and you don’t know, as soon as you get there ask where the nearest Roti stand is. And then eat it every day and love your life.
📷 @b_taylorshannon

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It’s here! We are now accepting applications for the summer 2021 semester. If you’re considering that semester, now is a great time to apply. There’s no risk or commitment to apply - just start by filling out the online form and then we’ll contact you to help you through the process and answer your questions. Link to the application in our bio! #ilpadventure ...

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I love that our Top Nine is full of smiles and new friends, plus programs in two new countries that we welcomed in. And not at all surprised that our favorite hot springs in Mexico made the list too. What a great year, thank you for being apart of it all. Cheers to another great year in 2020! ...

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Hope you had the merriest of holidays 🎄1 week until summer 2021 applications are open!
📷 @brookebrasher #ilpadventure

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Although you don’t need to be at school to be an ILP volunteer, many ILP volunteers are. We hold information meetings frequently at universities to answer your questions about how volunteering works — bring your friends + come have some free food with us!


Arizona State University
Brigham Young University
BYU – Idaho
BYU – Hawaii
Eastern Arizona University
Idaho State University
Mesa Community College
Snow College
Southern Utah University
Southern Virginia University
Utah State University
Utah Valley University