• See cool places. After the semester ends, visit nearby countries: Europe, Southeast Asia, Central America
  • Time to travel. You’ll have two full weeks of vacation spread throughout the semester.
  • Do cool things. Zipline off of the great wall. Ride an elephant through a jungle. Visit Red Square and the Bolshoi theater.
  • Live more places. Pay once for the program, but go for free after that… even to another country.


  • Get involved. Interact with the local people, go to church, meet the kids’ families, and get to know native teachers at your school.
  • Safe housing. Depending on which country you volunteer in, you’ll live with either a host family or with other teachers in apartments.
  • Be immersed. Semesters are 3-5 months. It is long enough to really experience the culture and start learning the language.
  • High standards. You’ll be a part of a team of volunteers who all follow LDS standards.


  • Speak their language. Learn through informal language classes twice a week. Also, you’ll have opportunities galore to practice speaking.
  • Pick up a new skill. Participate in culture classes and activities each week. Learn Chinese calligraphy, Kung Fu, Russian cooking, or salsa dancing.
  • Be taught by locals. Make friends in country and learn their authentic customs and traditions.


  • Daily free time. Teaching is a few hours a day and then you have lots of time to explore. Get the most out of your adventure.
  • Getting around is easy. Public transportation is better than it is in the U.S. Use buses, trams, and even subways.
  • Eat authentic meals. Try out all the local food: Russian borscht, Pad Thai Noodles, PeKing duck, and lots more.
  • Shopping is cheap. Shop at bargain markets for clothes, souvenirs, gifts, and basically anything you want.

Pay less for your semester abroad.

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