• Teach lifelong skills. Being able to speak English opens doors for the kids for the rest of their lives.
  • Aid their growth. The children you teach and influence grow up to be the leaders of their communities.
  • Show you care. You’ll teach them several hours a week. More than financial help, these kids need that time and attention.
  • Reach many. Your volunteer service builds bridges and breaks down cultural barriers.


  • Our method works. Our teaching system is legit: research-based, developed by a BYU professor, and has decades of success.
  • Never taught before? We’ll give you all the training you need and you’ll come home with a valuable skill.
  • Have doubts? A group leader will be with you to coach and help you throughout the semester.
  • Teaching is fun! Play games, make food, do arts and crafts, and more; all while speaking English.


  • Build relationships. Interact with kids outside of the class: go on home visits, play sports, maybe even read them bedtime stories.
  • Keep in touch. You’ll become a role-model for your kids and keep in touch with them after you come home.
  • More than just the kids. You’ll interact with the community: school staff, local friends, and parents.
  • Be an example. ILP volunteers’ high standards and good lifestyle are an influence for good on everyone around you.


  • Teach one-on-one. We keep classes small; you’ll fall in love with each of one of “your” kids.
  • Spend time with others. Make friends with local people, host families, school staff, and others.
  • Reap the benefits. There’s nothing like your kids telling you they love you… in English.
  • Create lifelong friendships. You’ll travel, hang out, and teach every day with a team of 6-20 other volunteers, all with high standards. They’ll be like your family.

Get a sneak peek.

Look at a typical day of an ILP volunteer in China. This could be you!