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Pre-departure Training Workshops

Prior to departure, teachers are required to attend a 1-2 day training workshop. Training workshops will give you a basic introduction to the experience. You will have a chance to meet the others who are going with you, learn the teaching methodology, and attend cultural and preparation seminars to help you get ready for living and teaching in Taiwan. The training workshops are also a qualifying experience. Once you’ve completed the training seminar, you will be awarded a certificate verifying that you are qualified to teach in ILP schools.  In certain cases online training will be available.

On-site Training

Although you will be fully trained prior to departure, your real learning begins when you have a chance to actually start teaching. To help in this sometimes difficult transition, in-service workshops are conducted by the head teacher throughout your teaching experience. Your head teacher is a peer supervisor who has at least one semester of experience teaching with ILP. The head teacher is a great resource for help planning lessons, working with specific children, and giving the children the best English education they can get.

After Returning

Once you get back from teaching, you will have a skill that is valuable for teaching your own children a second language, teaching Limited English Proficiency (LEP) children in schools, or starting a home duolingual care group in your own home. ILP supports alumni who are interested in using their ILP teaching skills after returning. See our alumni section for more details.