ILP Video Contest


The April 15th deadline has passed. We are ONLY accepting videos from volunteers CURRENTLY in CHINA

ILP is in need of some great videos that we can use for our website and to send to our applicants who are looking into volunteering. The problem is that good videos are expensive to produce, so we thought we would turn you guys loose to have fun creating some amazing videos! To make it more fun we are offering some significant prize money. Winners will be chosen by your friends!

Here’s the details:

  • All videos must be submitted online at (link will be active in about one week, complete with updates)
  • Deadlines – all videos are due April 15th except for in-country China volunteers - their deadline is May 13. Both deadlines are by midnight Utah time.
  • Winners will be chosen based on number of “likes” they receive online by your friends!
  • The first round of voting will start April 19th. Your friends can vote for your video if they  "like"  it on ILP's facebook page here the last day for voting will be May 10th.
  • We suggest that your video be approximately 2-4 minutes in length
  • Good videos should evoke some kind of emotion – through humor, a sentimental story, a fun teaching story, an exciting travel experience, etc.
  • Videos need to mention something about ILP (without it being a commercial)
  • Please include in the video your names, country, city, and semester (i.e. spring 2011)
  • Remember that by submitting a video, you are agreeing that ILP will own the rights to it, and by being in the video, you are giving ILP permission to use your image/likeness.
  • When you submit the video, remember to include a list of those who participated so we will know how to divide the winnings! You can do this by either writing the names in the “description” box when you upload it, or by listing the names in an email to ilp the same day
  • First Place: $500
  • Second Place: $300
  • Third Place: $200

We are so excited for this! Let us know if you have any questions, and good luck!