Volunteers Check up Survey China

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First Name *
Last Name *
School *
Semester *
What day of the week are in-service workshops held each week *
When do lesson plans have to be turned in each week? *
The day you arrived, were you given a card with an address in case you got lost? * Yes
How many kids (average) are in beginning and Catch-up classes you teach (1 group)?
How many kids (average) are in Basic Reading classes you teach?
How many kids (average) are in Elementary classes you teach (1 group)?
In the last 10 teaching days, how many days did the head teacher come to your individual class for 3 minutes or more? *
In the last 2 weeks, how many times did the head teacher give you individual feedback about your teaching? *
How many in-service (training) meetings were held in the last 2 weeks? *
How many group meetings did you and the teachers in your teaching rotations have in the last 2 weeks?
How old, on average, are the kids in your beginning classes (your individual home group)?
How many years difference are there between the oldest and youngest in the class you teach the most days? *
In the past 7 days, how many times did the school or your host family NOT provide a meal for you (do not include times where you were not available for a meal or chose not to eat)? *
If you taught a kitchen activity in the last 3 weeks, were you given supplies or money for the ingredients? * Yes
Yes, but not enough
No, but I was told reimbursement was coming
I didnt teach kitchen in the last 3 weeks
In the last 2 weeks how many cultural activities did you participate in (e.g. cooking classes, kung fu classes, day trip to a local site, etc.)? *
In the last 2 weeks how many language classes were available to participate in (whether you participated or not)? *
How long is the average travel time (doorstep to doorstep) from where you live to the school? *
How long is the travel time from your host family to the head teacher apartment? *
Check any problems you are having with your apartment * Toilet malfunction
Hot water malfunction
Other plumbing malfunction
Important furniture broken
No bedding
No laundry/wash machine close by
Serious wall, window, etc. problem
Heating/Cooling problem
Drinking water problem
Roommate malfunction ; )
(No problems)
Please briefly describe the problem with your aparment
In the last 2 weeks have you been ill? * Yes, but nothing serious
In the question above, if you answered that you have been ill, is it being taken care of to your satisfaction? *
If there are any questions where you would like to add more clarification to your answer, please list the question and tell us what you would like to add
Please list any other questions you think we should ask on this survey or anything else you think we should be aware of but may not be.
For info we give to future volunteers what one personal supply do you wish you would have brought but didnt?
What did you bring with you that has been the most helpful for helping with culture shock/adjusting (e.g. pictures from home, ipod, etc.)
What candy have you missed the most? *

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