Get hired to teach English in Asia!

If you have graduated from college, you can qualify to apply for a paid teaching position in Taiwan and Thailand. The ILP professional program is very similar to the ILP volunteer program in other countries, with a few major differences.

As a professional teacher you will work for 6-12 month contracts and have a fuller schedule than volunteer teachers do. Also your university education qualifies you for this position (while volunteers are not required to have any experience). Teachers in the professional program do not have extra vacation days or attention from the schools like volunteers do, but do have local holidays and weekends for opportunities to travel, and you will be one of the school employees. You will work directly with the school to solve any problems that come up rather than having an on-site head teacher to help.

The experience is an actual job rather than a volunteer experience, but you still have great opportunities to travel, make friends, and teach using an incredibly successful method!


Give your children the best education they can get.

The same teaching methodology used in teaching English to children abroad is available locally in Utah. The McKee Language School offers an opportunity for children to learn Spanish with native speaking teachers. Dr. McKee has proven, that with developmentally appropriate activities, modeled in an atmosphere of play, love, and excitement, kids learn the language and are completely unaware that they are being “taught” Spanish. In this natural learning environment children develop the skills of a second language.