Sip a mango smoothie on your bike ride home from photographing tumbling ruins, waving at the locals who are shouting “hello” as you pedal past.

Volunteering in Thailand means night markets crammed full of piles of papayas, prayers in temples adorned with gold Buddhas, and jungly vacations … but it also means seeing for yourself why this place is called the “land of smiles”.

City: Phichit and Phitsanulok

Service: Make a difference by helping children learn English through this Exchange program.

Life Abroad: Volunteers live together at or near the school (it’s a slumber party every night with your group!). Pad Thai and Massaman Curry are a couple favorites, but you won’t find a Thai dish that you don’t love, plus did we mention the $0.75 smoothies? Practice learning Thai as you get to know the friendly locals.

Group Size: About 4-10 volunteers, depending on the group.

Semesters: Fall semester is August – December. Spring semester is early January – late April/early May. Summer semester is early May – mid August.

There's so much to experience on a semester in Thailand.

Explore by riding bikes around the city and to the ruins. Spend time with the local people and play with the students after school. You also have a “Mum and Dad” nearby at the school (the local coordinators) who welcome you into their home frequently. Get an hour long Thai massage for $6. You will fall in love with the people, the culture and especially the food!


There are plenty of amazing things to do during your time abroad. Spend a week on the beaches in southern Thailand. Ride elephants through the jungle and snuggle up to tigers in Chiang Mai. Visit smaller cities and see the old ruins. Go white water rafting, rent kayaks and paddle around Phi Phi Island.

  • Chiang Mai Take a class on Thai cooking, go for a ride on an elephant, and zipline through the Thai forest or head over to Pai for a couple days.
  • Bangkok Explore beautiful Buddhist temples, shop by boat at the floating market, and get a taste of city life in Thailand’s highest populated city.
  • Chiang Rai Visit one of the most popular temples in Thailand, “the White Temple”, pick up souvenirs at the night market, and bike through rice fields.
  • Phi Phi Islands Kayaking, hiking to beautiful overlooks, boat tours of the most famous views of Thailand, snorkeling, and so much more! It’s your beach vacation dreams.
  • Krabi Take a boat ride around the rocky coastline, relax on the white sand beaches, and feed one of the monkeys running around the streets.
  • Sukhothai Bike around and explore ancient Thai ruins.
  • Cambodia Walk through world wonder ruins: Angkor Wat, swim in waterfalls, and take a boat cruise through a floating neighborhood, and shop ’til you drop.
  • Bali Fly south to visit the beautiful island of Bali! Hang out with monkeys, enjoy the beach, and treat yourself.

The land of smiles.

Fall in love with the small town & the wonderful people of Phichit. It is so fun to ride your bike around town and have everyone run out to the street yelling “hello” and waving as you go by. They will welcome you and make you feel like a mini celebrity. Thailand really is the land of smiles, and it is contagious when you spend time with the people there!