The Application Process

  • Apply OnlineHere, we’re just finding out a little bit about you, which semester you’re interested in, and which countries you’re considering. You don’t need to have any decisions set in stone (or even have a passport yet!). This step is all about getting the ball rolling and matching you with a representative who can guide you through the rest of the process. First time volunteers can apply here, and alumni + Head Teachers apply here.

  • Next Steps — After you submit that form, you’ll receive directions on a few more steps needed to complete your application (like submitting a couple of references and scheduling a time for a quick phone interview).
  • Connect With Your Rep — You’ll also hear from your very own rep, usually within a couple of business days. They were an ILP volunteer themselves and are now working at our office. ILP reps are here to answer all of your questions and help you make sure this experience is a good fit for you.

Quick FAQs

Good news — there aren’t any deadlines! Applications open about 1.5 years before the semester starts and we continue accepting applications until departure time (and sometimes a little after, for last-minute openings). Whether you’re applying right when applications open or weeks before it’s time to fly out, we can help work out all the details of getting you ready to go.

While there aren’t deadlines, we do recommend applying as early as you can. We have a limited number of spots in each country and the earlier you apply, the more options you’ll have!

The first payment towards your program fee is $500 and is due with your application. If for any reason your application is not accepted, that payment is refundable.

If you’re still saving up, we don’t want you to worry about waiting to apply. We have customizable monthly payment plans that can help get you on track. Or, if you are able to pay in full, you can get a $50 discount for that (just plan on making your full payment within 3 weeks of receiving your acceptance email).

Yes! We’d love to chat. You can tap the little blue chat box to the side of the screen, or schedule a time here where we can give you a call.

Once you submit the online form, there are a few more steps to complete your application in full. Once all parts of your application are complete, our team will review your application and get back to you within 3 business days.