Your Volunteer Adventure Abroad

Your Volunteer Adventure Abroad

It all starts here. Giving back and seeing the world is within reach. Dream up your experience and we’ll make it happen.

Giving back and seeing the world isn’t out of reach. Dream up your experience and well make it happen.

Your Volunteer Adventure Abroad

Giving back and seeing the world isn’t out of reach. Dream up your experience and we’ll make it happen.

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Hi, We're ILP!

… that’s short for International Language Programs. We set up 3-4 month trips for college-age adults to travel + volunteer all over the world. We’re passionate that this experience is not only meaningful for you, but that it also leaves a positive impact on the communities you’re living in. It’s adventurous, challenging, and the kind of thing you’ll never forget.

ILP Countries

Serve in an orphanage in Europe, build a clean water spring in Africa, or teach kids in Latin America — you’ve got options all over the world.

Which Country Is Right For Me?

Each country has all the pieces of a classic ILP adventure, with unique elements that set them all apart. Take the quiz to find your best fit.

Explore Available Trips

Explore Available Trips

Volunteer Experiences

So many volunteers come home saying they signed up for the travel, but their time volunteering and the people they met are the things that meant the most.

Teach English

This is our passion — help kids learn English in all of our locations (except Romania). Don’t worry if you’ve never taught before, we provide training + keep class sizes small.


Spend time with children who are part of this European Orphanage Program. You get to provide them with much needed 1-on-1 time and attention.

Extra Projects

Give back in additional ways, especially in Humanitarian locations. Uganda is our top pick where you can join in building a clean water spring.

Search By Adventures

There is so much to do in every ILP country! No matter where you go, you have access to so many adventures that are on your wish list (just don’t miss the hidden spots locals love, either — we can’t wait to show you).

Search By Popular Picks

We are obsessed with all of our countries, so we’re not surprised if you’re having a hard time picking between a few. Focusing on the kind of adventures you want to have can help you narrow down your options.

By The Beach

These trips can get you out playing in the water every weekend


Hang with elephants, giraffes, sloths, monkeys + more

Brand New

Be one of the first to explore the newest ILP programs

Moving to the Dominican Republic for a few months with a bunch of strangers was the best decision I ever made.

Mikaela, volunteer in the DR

I somehow found myself backpacking across volcanoes in Nicaragua this past weekend…life can’t get much better than this. I’m high on life over here!!

Livy, volunteer in Nicaragua

Forever grateful for my 3 months in Costa Rica. One of the hardest but most rewarding things I’ve ever done. So grateful for the people I met, things I did, and places I saw. I will never forget this experience.

Brinlee, volunteer in Costa Rica

Every single day that goes by, I realize more and more how grateful I am to be here … I’m so proud of myself for making my dreams come true.

Sarah, volunteer in Thailand

The hardest part about Mexico was leaving Mexico. Saying goodbye to my kids was so hard but I’m thankful for this experience, the people I met, and the lessons I’ve learned.

Grace, volunteer in Mexico

If I’m being honest, about 95% of me signed up to travel and live in Thailand and about 5% of me actually wanted to teach the kids … I never realized how much I would end up loving these kids.

Cambria, volunteer in Thailand

Three months isn’t long enough!

Raegan, volunteer in Ukraine

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to do ILP was to meet new people and understand another culture better. I’m getting that and so much more here in Mexico.

Kaitlin, volunteer in Mexico

My experiences here have been so eye-opening.

Ellie, volunteer in Romania

When I first got here, I struggled with teaching! It is so so different here than it is in America and it was difficult to adjust to teaching kids a new language anyway. But I have grown to love my sweet students with my whole heart.

Sophie, volunteer in the DR
Living there for 4 months was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Georgia, volunteer in Ukraine

I could go on and on about how amazing being teacher Julia was but the best part was seeing these kids smile and laugh everyday without fail, I am going to miss this like crazy.

Julia, volunteer in Thailand

These kids have had more of an impact on my life than I could have ever imagined. I’ll forever be grateful for my time as “teacha Bekah”.

Bekah, volunteer in Uganda

It’s A Great Fit For Students

You don’t need to be a student to volunteer, but if you are, an ILP trip is a great supplement to your education (kind of like a semester abroad).

Join others at your school who are leaving soon! Read about tips specific to your school in our blog, linked below.

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