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Who is ILP?

ILP focuses on providing a meaningful semester abroad experience for college-age volunteers who make a difference by helping children in foreign countries learn the English language through a friendly and fun atmosphere.

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Have you ever seen a whale in person? Their size is STUNNING. So beautiful! Love this vid that @madisonarave grabbed while she was in Samana on vacation with her group 🐳 #ilpdr #ilpadventure ...

VANUATU ❤️❤️ we’re loving this little island so hard.
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We've had a lot of questions about the situation in China and how that will impact our volunteers, so we wanted to give you an update.
Originally the Spring 2020 semester was set to begin today, February 12, however we decided not to send volunteers to China.

We've been aware and reviewing this situation since the first Coronavirus outbreak was reported in December and had made the decision to postpone departure for our Spring semester until more information was available.
More recently aggressive moves to help contain the virus as quickly as possible were made by the CDC, the State Department, the Chinese Government, and most major airlines. Among other things, major tourist attractions have been closed, schools have been canceled until further notice, and many airlines have decided to cancel flights to and from China for a period of time. Of course the health and safety of our volunteers is our biggest concern, and additionally teaching and getting to know the kids, meeting the locals, traveling, and other adventures that make up an ILP experience just wouldn't have been possible.

Even though China was the first choice for many of the volunteers, most were able to switch to another country, however for others it worked best to defer or just get a refund. We have several systems in place to keep an eye on things that can potentially impact a semester in all of our countries and when unexpected things like this happen, just know that we work hard to give our volunteers as many options as possible.

We love China! And know so many of our alumni feel the same way. This program has been part of ILP since the early 90s (yep, we're that old) and we are hopeful that the Fall 2020 semester will continue as planned. Based on similar outbreaks in the past, things were resolved within several months. As always we'll continue to monitor things and keep our volunteers updated.

Fridays take on a whole new meaning when you’re a teacher 😂 go live it up. Hey volunteers - what adventures are you going on this weekend?
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Raise your hand if you had zero clue how gorgeous Montenegro was until you started seeing pics for the first time recently 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 I’ve got both hands up
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Although you don’t need to be at school to be an ILP volunteer, many ILP volunteers are. We hold information meetings frequently at universities to answer your questions about how volunteering works — bring your friends + come have some free food with us!


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