$2,520* for the semester, including your flight!

Options that work with your budget. Programs start at $2,520 depending on the location you choose, making it possible to find one that works best for you. Compare programs and pricing here.

Pay less. Volunteering with ILP costs less than a semester at school.

Just one fee. Housing, airfare, and meals are all included.

3-5 months. A semester abroad follows a similar schedule to most universities. Take a semester off of school or volunteer during the summer.


Get help. Neighbors, friends, businesses, family, and relatives can all donate.

Take advantage. Donations made to International Language Programs towards your program fee are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

Earn big. Those who do fundraising raise an average of $1,000+ to cover the costs of their program fee.

We’re here to help. Fundraising works! We’ve gathered all of our fundraising tips here to help get you started and see what other volunteers have done.


Get discounts for referring a friend. Tell your friends about ILP and you may both qualify for a $300 discount! Everyone counts — think friends, cousins, roommates. Check the details here or give us a call to learn more.

Travel with your spouse. Now is the time to have a big adventure and grow together before you start your family — count it as a really long honeymoon. Married couples who volunteer in China may qualify for our biggest discount of “2 for 1”: Pay $2,520 for both of you!

Split the travel costs. Even if you apply to volunteer by yourself, you’re never alone! ILP volunteers are assigned to a team of other volunteers, meaning you have built in travel buddies. Splitting costs on vacations for things like taxis, dinner, and hostels makes it more affordable for everyone.


Pay in full. Receive a discount for paying your program fee up front, even if you work over the summer to pay for a spring semester.

Be flexible. Willing to go wherever you’re needed most? Sign up for a “flex” assignment and earn a discount.

Pay later. Can’t pay when you apply? No problem! Sign up for one of our monthly payment options that don’t start until 5-7 months before you go. Can’t afford it all before the semester starts? Take advantage of third party services like PayPal Credit and pay after you come home.

Learn about promotions. Contact the office to find out if there are any current promotions you may qualify for.