Low monthly payments


Zero interest APR financing

24 mo

Extended monthly plans

Take Advantage Of Payment Plan Financing

Volunteers are loving Affirm’s payment plans because it allows you to:

1. Pay later — Normally the ILP Program Fee is due prior to departure, but Affirm allows you to extend your plan for up to 24 months. That means you can go on your trip now before it’s paid off. Subject to eligibility.

2. Smaller payments — These extended payment plans mean your monthly payment amount is much, much smaller. We have plans as low as $99/month.

3. Fundraising — Not only can you still take advantage of fundraising, but this gives you more time to do it! We’ve had volunteers pay for their entire program fee with creative ideas like selling cookie dough to family and friends. Get our free guide to fundraising here.

Terms & Conditions Apply. Click that button to chat with us and find out your options!