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Go Again … With Major Perks! —
As a Head Teacher, not only is your program fee waived for Exchange Programs (or greatly reduced for Humanitarian + Hybrid Programs), but you’ll also receive a stipend to help cover your personal spending and travel costs. That’s right, your safari trip in Uganda is on us.

Share Your Knowledge — Help volunteers have a great experience abroad with ILP, just like you did.

Build Your Resume — Not only will your leadership experience be a great addition to your resume, but the entire experience will help you stand out in interviews.

See The World — Go back and visit your kiddos from your first semester or go see a new country. There’s no limit to how many times you can be a Head Teacher (we’ve had alumni live in 6+ countries)! This is the best way to do a lot of traveling, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Go With Your Spouse — We have a lot of Head Teachers who volunteered when they were single and then wanted to have the experience all over again with their significant other. Going as a Head Teacher really helps bring the costs for couples down. What a cool way to start off your marriage!

Head Teacher FAQ

It’s actually a bit different. When you were a volunteer, we made assignments based on when you applied so it was advantageous to apply early. For Head Teacher positions, it’s still a good idea to apply early, but we make assignments based on who we feel will be the best fit for each location and its unique challenges. Think of it more like applying for a job — we interview multiple applicants and take your experience into consideration. As the leader of the group, there are high expectations and responsibilities which may not be a great fit for everyone.

Typically, we’re still making HT assignments closer to the start of the semester so it’s never too late to inquire about a position!

While a previous ILP semester is not required, it is highly encouraged (first preference goes to those with ILP experience). We invite all qualified applicants to apply.

If you have questions about whether you meet the requirements, drop your contact info on this form and we’ll text you.

In most locations there is 1 Head Teacher, so it often works out that you are a Head Teacher and your spouse is a volunteer in your group. If both you and your spouse have volunteered with us before, you might want to be Head Teachers together! In that case, we do have limited locations where the group is bigger and warrants the need for 2 HTs in one area.

This blog post goes into a little more detail, including how pricing works for couples.

It depends! In Exchange Programs, we waive the program fee entirely. In Humanitarian and Hybrid Programs, the program fee is $1,000-$1,500 depending on the country. Most HTs do a bit of fundraising to take care of that cost (and other costs, like travel insurance). It’s a steal of a deal considering ILP is taking care of your international flight, housing and meals for the semester (plus other perks).

You’ll also receive a cash stipend that you can use however you’d like. It’s intended to help you cover in-country spending for things like vacations, shopping, and treats. This amount can vary depending on the cost of living in each particular country, so talk to us to get more details.

Yes! If you volunteered in Mexico, you can be a HT in India or Vanuatu. We have had Head Teachers who have gone on 4, 5, 6… even 7+ semesters to different countries. It’s a really affordable way to travel all over the world.

Our Romania program is unique in that it’s the only location where you won’t be teaching English. If you were a volunteer in Romania, you qualify to be a HT in another country, but you’ll complete additional training so that you can better support your group of volunteers as they learn the teaching method.

Drop your contact info on this form and we’ll text you!

There are a lot of things that shift a bit from semester to semester, so it’s always best to talk to us anyways for the most up to date information. Even if you’re just considering your options and aren’t sure if it’s going to work with your schedule, let’s get in touch. We answer your questions, make recommendations, and also keep you on our radar in case you decide to move forward with your application.


Miss The Kids? — Did you love your semester abroad and want to go again, but don’t want the responsibility of being a Head Teacher? Come back as an alumni volunteer! Plan on a totally new experience (with the perks of being able to reuse your old lesson plans).

Want To Save? — Alumni get some of our biggest discounts. Get $350 off a semester in Mexico, or $500 off your semester in Uganda, Romania, and the Dominican Republic.

Love To Travel? — Get more stamps in your passport with another semester of traveling.

Got Friends? — Refer a friend and you may get discounts for both you and your friend.


If you’ve graduated, you can put your four year degree to use and snag one of these unique opportunities! Your ILP teaching experience combined with your degree qualifies you to get paid while teaching full-time at one of our ILP certified schools.

We’re currently accepting applications for professional teaching positions in Thailand and Taiwan.


Are your friends getting tired of hearing you start every sentence with, “So this one time in Nicaragua”? Come get paid to talk about your experience!

At our Orem, Utah office, we have positions with evening hours and semester-based schedules that are great for working around your college classes. Plus, your coworkers are ILP alumni just like you (you have to be pretty cool to travel abroad, right?). Come make new friends within the ILP family.

We hire periodically, so reach out any time to see which positions we’re currently hiring for — just email office@ilp.org or click to send us your application.