Risk falling head over heels in love with the Mexico you can’t see on a cruise stop or a spring break trip. Come for cascading waterfalls, and deep emerald pools you can swim in … and stay for the vibrant culture. Mexico is full of new adventures like ziplines through the jungles and old adventures, like soaking in natural hot springs.

This country envelopes all of your senses the minute you get off the plane; Hear music spill out from the city square, taste spicy cinnamon in your iced horchata, juicy sweet strawberry agua fresca and settle the battle of who has the best tacos el pastor between neighboring taco carts.

City: Irapuato

Service: Make a difference by helping children learn English.

Life Abroad: Live in an apartment together near the school with other volunteers. Get your fill of authentic Mexico food. Learn how to make your own tortillas, explore ruins, and practice your Spanish skills.

Group Size: 4-6 volunteers

Semesters: Fall semester is late August – December. Spring semester is early January – end of April/early May. Summer semester is early May – mid August.

Life in Mexico is always an adventure!

Pass off as a local by walking the streets and greeting passerbys with a friendly ‘bueno.’ Join in on a local street soccer match. Don’t miss out on freshly squeezed juice (served in a plastic bag with a straw) on your way to school.


The best part about Mexico is that so many of our favorite spots are just hours away from your home, meaning you can travel just about every weekend if you want to! During your vacations you can explore a bit further and see other parts of Mexico or you could even take a flight down to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or Panama. Mexico is definitely the place to go if you want see and do as much as you can.

  • Puerto Vallarta
    Beaches, snorkeling, fresh fruit smoothies, ancient ruins, and all that vacation life has to offer.
  • Grutas de Tolantongo
    Head to this favorite spot and go ziplining, hike to waterfalls and over hanging walkway bridges, swim in hot springs overlooking the canyon, and explore caves. So. Fun.
  • Cancun
    Head to world famous Cancun. Swim with dolphins and around coral reefs and visit an underwater museum. Take a day trip to visit the Chichen Itza ruins (a world wonder!).
  • Guanajuato
    One of the most colorful cities in Mexico and so close to volunteer’s cities that you can visit on any weekend. Bring your pesos because souvenir shopping is great here!
  • Puerto Escondido
    This is one of our favorite beachy vacations! Head south to release baby sea turtles, go paddle boarding in the bluest of waters, and at night swim with glowing plankton.
  • Guadalajara
    Get a feel for the culture by visiting this historic city. See the sights, the buildings, the murals, and a show at the opera.
  • Monteverde, Costa Rica
    Cloud Forests are iconic in Costa Rica and this is one-top spot for experiencing these dense jungles. Hike across bridges suspended over the treetops and get views of the thick green jungles from the clouds.
  • Granada, Nicaragua
    Shop for handmade beaded bags at the markets, wander colorfully painted streets, kayak through a nearby island chain … and don’t forget to meet up with the other ILP volunteers who call this city home!

Help Children Learn The English Language In Mexico

You’ll be amazed at how quickly they learn. The kids will shout to be the first to say the right English words during class and they love to laugh all the time. While you watch them grow throughout the semester, we have a feeling that you’ll come to see that that these cute kids of yours will be the hardest to say goodbye to.