Which Program Is Right For Me?

ILP has two volunteer programs: Exchange and Humanitarian.
Both are very similar, with a few main differences. Let’s go over the details to see which is a good fit for you!

about volunteering 

You’ll be helping children learn English naturally through the ILP method by playing with them, singing songs, making treats, and arts & crafts. Think summer camp in a classroom.

Just like in the Exchange Program, you will be helping children learn English in the classroom. We also have a unique program in Romania where rather than teaching English, you will be helping children in our orphanage program to progress towards the ultimate goal of adoption.

the kids 

The children you work with are attending public or private schools and come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, often from middle to upper class families. They are generally 4-12 years old (with the exception of a few instances teaching students up through age 17).

The focus of the Humanitarian program is serving children who have very limited means. Each program is unique; some children come from families who are underprivileged and in both Haiti and Romania (and sometimes in Uganda) you will spend time with orphaned children. Age ranges are similar to the Exchange Program.

country options 

China, Lithuania, Mexico, Montenegro, Russia, Thailand, and Ukraine.

Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Romania

living arrangements 

Volunteers typically live together in an apartment or dorm, or with a local host family — depending on the location.

Just like the Exchange Program, it depends on the location! In the Humanitarian program volunteers always live together (and not with a Host Family), in a house, apartment, or some version of a large complex.


Your program fee is $2,520 and that includes your roundtrip international airfare, visa, housing, 3 meals per day, training, culture classes and support throughout your entire semester.

It is the most budget friendly option while still giving you all the perks of a classic ILP experience. We are able to keep your costs so low because your student’s families help subsidize the program for you by paying a fee to have their child attend ILP classes.

Your program fee for Costa Rica, the DR, Haiti and Nicaragua is $3,720. For Romania and Uganda the program fee is $5,470. It includes your roundtrip international airfare, visa, housing, 3 meals per day, training, culture classes and support throughout your entire semester.

Unlike the Exchange Program, the families of the children you work with will not be helping to subsidize your costs.  These children come from very limited means and the service you provide is completely free for them.

But With Both Programs You'll Still Get ...

Whether you choose an Exchange or a Humanitarian location, both programs have the same elements of a classic ILP semester.

Build your resume — No experience is required to join either programs, but you’ll gain quite a bit to help build your resume and get ahead in school. Your semester abroad is a perfect conversation starter and an easy way to stand out when interviewing for jobs.

Semester lengths — All ILP programs are about 3.5 – 4.5 months. We feel like this is one of the best parts of our program; it gives you enough time to really dive in and experience the culture plus travel and see all you can. It gives you enough time to step outside of your comfort zone and grow, make life-long friends, and have that life-changing adventure you’re looking for.

Travel and make a difference — The best of both worlds. Impact not only your own life, but your fellow volunteers, the locals you meet, and especially the kids you serve. Volunteer time is 20 hour per week with every Saturday and Sunday off, plus you’ll have scheduled vacation time throughout the semester to travel with your group and experience your own country as well as neighboring countries (when approved).

Training and support — Both programs provide the same level of support. We don’t just drop you off and wish you good luck; you’ll have both in-country help as well as contact with our office in Utah when you need it. You’re never alone.

Serve with volunteers of similar standards — ILP has a code of conduct and high expectations of our volunteers. All volunteers agree to follow a set of standards, no matter which location you’re in.

Group placement — You’ll be with a group of volunteers! We are not a solo program; ILP is built around the idea of giving you a team of new friends to experience just about everything with.  Teach together, travel together, and in many cases you’ll also live together. Most volunteers say they met their best friends during their ILP trip.