Quick Covid-19 FAQs

Yep! We currently have active programs in —

At this time, our program in Lithuania is still on pause because of factors relating to the pandemic, and our Ukraine program is on pause due to the Russian conflict. We are watching things closely and are hopeful we’ll be able to reopen in the very near future. You’re welcome to include these countries as places that you’re interested in when you apply, and we’ll let you know if things open up by the time your semester starts.

No. Currently, the Covid-19 vaccine is not required for any ILP country. 

Several of our program locations began requiring the Covid-19 vaccine once it became available, and as of late 2021, it was required for most ILP volunteers, in most ILP countries. Now, most countries are no longer requiring the vaccine.

While the vaccine may not be required for the country you are volunteering in, proof of vaccination or testing upon arrival may be required for countries you may want to vacation in. It’s important to remember that each country has handled Covid differently, with their own CDC equivalent (other nations do not follow CDC guidelines, which is a US agency). 

In general, most restrictions have been lifted. At one time, things like wearing a mask in some public spaces, social distancing, and limitations like take-out instead of in-person dining (and a curfew) were present when cases were high.

Right now, that is no longer the case in ILP countries, however, it is important to remember that these circumstances can change frequently and with little warning. All ILP volunteers will be informed in detail about the current Covid-19 situation in their country (if applicable) before departure. All ILP volunteers should be prepared to follow local regulations and restrictions for their semester.

Right now, visa restrictions are probably the biggest hurdle, though there may still are some vaccine/testing requirements for some destinations. Covid-19 resulted in increased travel restrictions and we’ve had several semesters where volunteers were only allowed to travel within their country (but don’t worry, there was still more than enough to see and do!). We’ve seen those restrictions lightening up though and countries are welcoming travelers again. It’s important to note that the country you’re volunteering in might not require proof of Covid-19 vaccination, but countries you may want to vacation in may.

If you’re curious about current border policies, check out Sherpa and IATA. They provide or direct you to information on current requirements for where you intend to travel. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on our ILP Instagram. There, you can see what vacations volunteers are currently taking, which might be possible during your semester as well.

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