Who we are

International Language Programs is a non-profit organization based out of Utah. Since 1992, we’ve been working with partners throughout the world to arrange meaningful semester abroad experiences for North American, college-age volunteers. Our goal is to help volunteers have the life-changing experience of living abroad for a semester in countries all over the world. During each ILP semester, volunteers get to experience the culture authentically by living like locals, creating lasting relationships, and growing personally in countless ways. Instead of merely touring and traveling, volunteers also give something to the community they reside in.

There are several ways to serve, but the heart of our mission has been teaching English to children through an immersion duo-lingual methodology. ILP classes focus on:

  1. Helping children speak English fluently helps them get ahead in their education, opens doors for job opportunities, and positively impacts their own communities.
  2. Daily influence by ILP participants who have high standards creates a positive environment of learning and growth.
  3. Precious one-on-one time as ILP participants give their attention, love, and care to the kids. We keep class sizes small so that each child has the attention they need to progress at their speed.

How we got started

ILP was originally created by university students who wanted to have an experience in another country like a study abroad program, but didn’t want to be tourists or confined to a classroom. They wanted to actually interact with people, serve, and form real relationships in the country they traveled to.

These students got together with a Brigham Young University professor who shared their values and had spent his life developing the best, most successful way to teach English to children. Together, they agreed that the best thing that they could give to the people of a particular community was to teach their children English. The result was a program which allowed participants to really experience the country and culture (not just be in a classroom or visit as a tourist) in an affordable way, while also giving back.

Because ILP participants are volunteers, the schools and parents of the children in the Exchange Program help pay for the expenses (such as housing, food, and in-country support) to keep the program cost down. In the Humanitarian Program, volunteers provide an entirely free education to children who come from families who would not otherwise be able to afford classes like these.