Find Yourself While Helping Others

Grow  Get out of your comfort zone while living in a different country, (and all that comes with lots of new adventures and experiences).
Share  There’s a reason ILP is a group-centered experience. Your personality and unique talents are something your students and your group of fellow teachers benefit from.
Discover  Step back from school, work, and life in general to figure out what comes next for you. We’ve had volunteers decide on a new major, choose a career path, and come back from their semester with more focus and direction.
Give  Whether it’s in the classroom or volunteering in the orphanage program, you have so much to share. Along with the opportunity to learn English, the one-on-one attention you give is a gift many kids need.

Live In + Explore Another Country

Travel  Backpack Europe, go island hopping, trek up countless volcanoes, and more.
Live  Rather than spend a day or two here as a tourist, you’ll really get to know your new home.
Learn Join in on celebrating local holidays, learn a new language, or take a cooking class so you can recreate a local dish you love. 
Explore  You’re only volunteering part-time, with free time each day. Volunteers also have weekends (and vacation days) to explore your city or even different countries.  Learn more here.

Build Your Resume With An Internship Abroad

Get experience  Do some learning outside of the classroom by visiting world-class museums, ancient ruins, and historic palaces for yourself. Talk about a hands on humanities internship!
Get credit  Talk to your university about getting school credit (or maybe a teaching internship credit) during your ILP semester abroad.
Get a break  Take a much needed break from school to step back and spend time helping others.
Get ahead Stand out on any job or grad school application by mentioning a semester of volunteer service for kids abroad. Or count this as an English internship, education internship, or other college internship.

Make An Impact

Help  You’ll be making a difference by teaching English or giving love and support in our Orphanage Program.
Volunteer Spend quality time with each of your kids a couple of hours each day. Find other service projects if you’d like to help even more.
Influence  Volunteers are looked at as role models, giving you the chance to change perceptions and influence the people around you.
Love  Meet the locals, hang out with your ILP group, and create relationships that will last a life-time.

Get So Much More Than Stamps In Your Passport

We’ve worked with thousands of volunteers who have told us about the impact that their time living in another country had on their life. The memories they made, the confidence they gained, and the friends they met are just some of the highlights. But those rewards don’t come without their challenges. Jumping out of your comfort zone and immersing in a foreign culture for four months can be a very challenging adventure. For many of our volunteers, this is their first time getting on a plane, leaving the country, and even being away from their family. But you know how the hardest experiences are the ones that encourage and nurture your personal growth the most? We’ve seen so many of our volunteers have impactful experiences that go so much deeper than the photos you see on Instagram — living abroad for a semester is bound to provide those kinds of opportunities.

We are currently accepting applications! After you submit a quick online form, your very own ILP representative will reach out they’re here to help you through the application process, answer your questions, and help you get ready to go abroad. Whether you’re looking at this for a summer internship or the chance to make a difference while you travel, they are here for you.