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International Teaching Jobs

The ILP Professional Program is similar to the ILP Volunteer Program with a few key differences.

While the volunteer trips are a great fit if you’re looking for less of a time commitment with no requirements, the professional positions are perfect for college graduates who are looking to gain on the job experience, all while seeing the world!

  • Two or four year degree required, in any emphasis
  • 6-12 month contract teaching English
  • Full-time hours
  • Salary + roundtrip international flight and housing
  • Vacation time to travel
  • Independent (work directly with your foreign employer)

Spanish For Kids In Utah

The same teaching methodology we use to teach children English abroad is now available in Utah.

Based in Salt Lake City, the McKee Language School offers an opportunity for children to learn Spanish with native-speaking teachers. Dr. McKee’s method has proven that with developmentally appropriate activities (modeled in an atmosphere of play, love, and excitement), kids learn the language and are completely unaware that they are being “taught” Spanish. In this natural learning environment, children develop the skills of a second language, creating a fun and immersive Spanish-learning experience.