Hello from Orem, UT!

Our office is made up of staff who have all volunteered with us at one point or another, including the Program Directors who dreamed up and started ILP 25+ years ago! We’re here to share our own experiences and help answer your questions about volunteering with ILP.

Representative Supervisor


Volunteer in Russia Spring 2014; Head Teacher in Romania Summer 2017

The best thing you gained?

Hands down, it was the personal relationships I made with my kids. There is nothing more rewarding than getting a sad/grumpy kid to cheerfully participate and improve themselves purely because they love and trust you.

Favorite vacation?

In 11 days we found hobbit holes in Finland, a holiday festival in Sweden, an underground restaurant/pub with great food and music in Latvia, and jumped around the treetops on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Estonia. We found hilarious adventures, life-changing opportunities, and amazing people that I will remember for the rest of my life.

People you'll always remember?

We made friends with the shawarma guy on the corner who enjoyed practicing his English with the American teachers so much that by the end of the semester he refused to let us pay for our food…ever! Also, our Local Coordinator Sveta is an angel straight from Heaven who I’m grateful to call a life-long close friend—I love her more than words could express.

Assistant Rep Supervisor


Volunteer in China Fall 2015

People you met that you'll always remember?

I loved my group. Everyone super awesome. I became a bridesmaid for one my friends I volunteered with and I talk to a few everyday still.

The thing you like most about ILP?

Everything. It’s affordable, safe, good motto and goals, and will change your life just in 4 months!

Favorite vacation?

ALL OF THEM! Yangshuo was a favorite because we went river drifting in the middle of the jungle and it was the most insane thing ever.

Volunteer Relations Coordinator + Head Teacher Coordinator


vrc@ilp.org + headteachers@ilp.org
Volunteer in Ukraine Summer 2014; Head Teacher in the DR Spring 2016 and Summer 2017

Why did you decide to volunteer?

Each trip was for a different reason, but initially I really wanted to work with the kids and be able to learn about new cultures and places!

What's the best thing you got out of the ILP program?

Friends. Every single trip I went on I made life-long friends – both within my group and with some of the native people living around me!

What's a funny memory you'll never forget?

The first time some of us learned how to play dominoes in the DR, our neighbor, Papi took like 10 minutes explaining that it was a science. He would give us different looks every time we laid something down based on whether it was a good move or bad move and it was hilarious to watch him!



Volunteer in the Dominican Republic Summer 2016

Why did you decide to volunteer with ILP?

I wanted to see the world and have an adventure! Switch things up and do something different for a semester.

Best thing you got out of it?

There are honestly too many to name, but I learned that I can do hard things and I learned so much about a different way of life and I learned to be grateful for the privileges I’ve had that I didn’t even know were privileges! I also got to see more of the beautiful world we live in and made some life long best friends.

People you met?

I met my best friends on the trip! They were bridesmaids at my wedding and 3.5 years later we still have a group message and get together as often as we can.



Volunteer in Mexico Fall 2018

The thing you like most about ILP?

I really liked how balanced it was in having a purpose and enjoying yourself in another country.

Friends you'll always remember?

I will always remember our cook and “mami”, Sylvia. She called me baby and taught me how to cook the best mole that will get me a husband.

How did you afford it?

I spent the summer before working and saving up money… totally worth it!



Volunteer in China Fall 2017

Why did you choose ILP?

I have always loved to travel and my sister and I were looking for something fun to do that was also service oriented. We got to go together and loved it!

The thing you liked most about ILP?

The perfect mix of teaching/serving and then being able to travel. One week you are so focused on helping the kids prepare for the Halloween concert and the next you are zooming on the metro in Shanghai or riding elephants!

Favorite memory?

One of my faves was in Yangshuo we met a guy who sold the most beautiful bongo drums on the main street. We asked him to give us a lesson and then after about 3 minutes of playing and dancing around, we had nearly 50 locals who were filming and cheering us on, so fun!!



Volunteer in China Fall 2017

Friends you met?

My roommate in China became my roommate and school and was then my maid of honor! I’ll also never forget learning to make dumplings and movie nights with Ying, a Chinese-English teacher from our school!

Thing you liked most about ILP?

The thing I liked most about the program was being able to see the insane amount of progress that the students make through our classes. I also loved the duration of the stay because you get to really live in their culture instead of just vacation for a few weeks!

Why did you choose ILP?

I decided to go on ILP because I had never been out of the country before and I was curious about different cultures!



Volunteer in Costa Rica Spring 2019

What’s the best thing that you got out of the program?

I got to feel like I was part of, and accepted by, a new culture. My experience influenced the way I view people around the world.

What was your favorite vacation?

We spent our 9-day vacation island hopping Bocas Del Toro in Panama. My favorite part was looking at the green, luscious mountains outside our hostel, boat, or bus, wherever we were. Just opening my eyes cheered me up. Everyone’s favorite activity we did was white water river rafting!

Friends you'll always remember?

My volunteer group became my best friends. We played games every night and did everything together. We will forever talk about all the cute kids we taught and the funny things they did on the daily.