Rep Supervisor


Costa Rica Spring 2019

I got to feel like I was part of, and accepted by, a new culture. My experience influenced the way I view people around the world.

We spent our 9-day vacation hopping around the Bocas Del Toro islands in Panama. My favorite part was looking at the green, luscious mountains outside our hostel, boat, or bus, wherever we were. Just opening my eyes cheered me up. Everyone’s favorite activity we did was white water river rafting!

My volunteer group became my best friends. We played games every night and did everything together. We will forever talk about all the cute kids we taught and the funny things they did on the daily.

Asst. Rep Supervisor


Nicaragua Summer 2023

It’s the perfect mix between travel and humanitarian work. ILP made me feel safe and welcome.

I loved the culture shock! Although hard at first I really just fell in love with the culture. Walking down the streets and getting to know the city you live in like its your own hometown is so fun!

I loved Somoto canyon! We got to body raft down a river and the rain was beautiful!



Vanuatu Spring 2023

Easily the people I met! I met one of my best friends on the program and I loved all the people there… and then of course the kids! I miss them so bad!

We went to New Zealand and it was life changing! It is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life! One of my favorite things we did there was taking a boat trip down the Milford Sound and going to a rugby game! 

I have always loved traveling and kids and this program is both! I am majoring in Early Childhood Education so I thought this would be a perfect break semester to still do what I love and gain more experience in my major!



China Fall 2019
Mexico Summer 2022
Thailand Spring 2023

My favorite thing about ILP is the duration of the program. I love that since it is about 4 months long you really get to connect with the group, culture, and the kids. You won’t feel like a tourist after you leave.

I fundraised for my first trip, I had a garage sale, and sold chocolate covered pretzels in my neighborhood!

The best thing I got out of the program was a love for travel, a deeper understanding for different cultures, and a bunch of unique cool experiences.



Costa Rica Fall 2021
DR Summer 2022
Costa Rica Fall 2023

So much personal growth. All of my semesters helped give me a deeper understanding of the world and about making connections! I learned so much and I wouldn’t have the same mindset today without those experiences.

Pico Duarte! It is a 3 day hike to the tallest peak in the Caribbean! It was the coolest hike I’ve ever done and I did it with some great people!

I love how affordable the program is! I was look at different programs but decided to go with ILP because it was the most budget-friendly option!



Mexico Summer 2019

 I love the combination of travelling and connecting with people! It’s two things that really matter to me, and this program covers both!

It was such a culturally enriching experience! The kids in Irapuato Mexico taught me more about loving deeply and unconditionally. 

The city of Guanajuato, hands down. It’s a gorgeous city with breathtaking views and a cool mummy museum!



Ukraine Fall 2019
India Fall 2023

There was a student in India named Shakib – he has my heart! It was the first week of teaching and I was trying to learn the students’ names. I remember walking into the school and just saying, “Hi Shakib!” and he was SO excited that I knew his name! He squealed and jumped up and down and gave me the biggest hug! From that point forward we became BEST friends and everytime I wasn’t at the school he would ask the other teachers “Where is Sam Ma’am?!”. He was always smiling and made sure to make all the teachers feel so loved! 

My first program I fundraised most of the program fee through partnering with people I knew that had small businesses! I would do cookies for every holiday, I even did pies for Thanksgiving. I also wrote letters to family and friends telling them about the program and how they can donate!

I got to ride camels and spend the night in the desert under the stars!

Front Office



Nicaragua Spring 2023

My favorite student when I went to Nicaragua was a little boy named Samuel. He was always at the school from when we got there at 1:00 PM until we left at 5:15 PM even though he was just in our first block classes. I always looked forward to getting a goodbye from him until I had to the last day. He was definitely goofy and a great dancer. Though he could never pay attention to the songs in Opening he sure got into it when we did dance parties after class! All of the kids my semester had so much personality! They even came up with rule #6: I LOVE YOU TEACHER!

My favorite vacation was the Corn Islands! Little Corn is a small island that only takes you a couple of hours to walk from one side to the other. 6 days there was not enough! The beaches are so beautiful and the water is so warm (though I will warn you that on a couple of beaches I did get tied up with seaweed)! However, that did not change how much I love this island! The snorkeling is like no other with super clear waters, so you could see all the vibrant corals and wildlife. The food was also amazing. I definitely went back to the same places again for more! If you go, don’t skip out on going to the tower behind the lighthouse at sunset!



Dominican Republic Summer 2021

I have wanted to go on ILP since I was in high school! The idea of traveling to a country, making life-long friends, and teaching kids English seemed like a dream. Spoiler alert: it was!
My friends! I made life-long friends with the girls that we lived with as well as with the kids and their families. I am still connected with most of them today!
Bayahibe. It was the dreamiest town and we were there on my 19th birthday! We took a catamaran out to a private island and spent the day in the dreamiest water. We walked the Dominican streets at night, ate delicious food over sunset, and made friends with the locals. It was a dream!!