• The ultimate internship. Teaching kids with limited or no English is a must for any future teacher.
  • First hand knowledge. You’ve studied other countries, cultures, and places. Now you can experience them.
  • Dig deeper. You’ll learn things you never could in a class.
  • Return with a skill. Teaching English will be a valuable skill for the rest of your life.


  • Study and volunteer. Take classes or get credit while abroad through your university’s distance learning, internships, or independent study.
  • Get ahead. Chances are your university encourages or even requires an international experience before you graduate.
  • Defer. We have lots of experience helping people defer enrollment or scholarships (even after they’ve been told they can’t…)
  • Stay connected. There is internet access in each location for turning in assignments and downloading materials.


  • Go now. You know you need a break. Your future life will be more crowded and busy and then you settle down. Take the chance while you can.
  • Have fun. All work and no play. You know how it goes…
  • Get refreshed. Taking a semester off will help you get refreshed. You’ll do better when you get back.
  • Relax. You’ll have lots of free time to read a book for fun, talk and think, and take it easy for a change.


  • Stand out. Most people you will compete with for jobs and grad school will have good grades & test scores. A volunteer experience helps you stand out.
  • Be unique. An awesome conversation starter for job and grad school interviews: 4 months as a volunteer English teacher.
  • Look good. Have you thought about the volunteering section of a résumé? You’ll have literally hundred of hours of (non-mission) volunteer service.

Pay less for your semester abroad.

We know you work hard for your money and have to stretch it as far as it will go. Don’t let finances be the reason you don’t take a life-changing semester abroad. With a little effort, you can greatly reduce your costs or even go for free! Download our guide to find out how.