Last updated October 13, 2021

Today’s Status, Looking Towards Spring 2022 — Blue

This country hosted a couple of ILP semesters in 2020 and early 2021, however, due to recent changes we’ll need to wait on a few things. A surge in virus cases and subsequent lockdowns forced the school to close. We hope it will open again in 2022 but it is unclear right now how likely that is.

Check below to get more details on some key aspects that we’re watching (it’s stuff you’re going to want to know). Also, this info is changing often, so check back frequently. 

Getting There

As of July 3, citizens of the US can enter Montenegro without a PCR test or quarantine.

ILP volunteers don’t need visas before traveling to Montenegro.

Montenegro’s two airports (Podgorica and Tivat) have been open since June 2020 for international flights.

Daily Life

Early on in the pandemic, the virus did not impact Montenegro very hard. However, as tourism reopened over the summer, there was an increase in cases. Cases have fluctuated, but remain high. 

Restrictions from Covid forced the school to close its doors in early 2021. We hope that the school will open sometime in 2022.

Beaches, stores, and tourist sites are all generally open which means you can soak up the best of what this coastal city has to offer.

Out & About

Wearing protective masks indoors is mandatory throughout Montenegro. When outside, masks aren’t required if you can keep a distance of two meters. 

Restaurants and cafes are open, and outdoor gatherings, festivals, events, etc are allowed as long as numbers stay under 100. There is no curfew in place.  We are seeing more allowances for those who are vaccinated — like entry to a museum when you present your vaccination card (or a negative test taken within a certain time frame, or proof of recovery from Covid-19 within a certain time frame, etc).

Things are looking good for bus routes and taxis to some of our favorite places in Montenegro. Think about spending weekends and vacation time exploring dozens of beaches, taking mountain hikes to glacial lakes, and photographing ancient monasteries hiding in the cliffside.

When volunteers are in-country, we’ll be working with them about what vacation options are available.

Okay, now what?  Should I still apply for Montenegro?

If you’re thinking “that’s all really good to know, but what does that mean for me?” we have some good news to share: time is still totally on your side.

We’ve seen policies change without notice that have made the difference between us thinking we’ll need to wait longer and helping us determine that a semester in that location is something we’re pretty optimistic about. Sometimes that has happened in the span of just a couple of weeks or even in a single day. We’re thinking a lot can change for the Spring 2022 semester.

So we say start your application now so that you’re ready when the time comes. We are going to need volunteers who are ready to go right when things change for the better, which is why we think it’s a good idea to have your application in (even if things potentially look uncertain right now). Time really is on your side.

We’re also here for all of your questions. We’d love to talk about deferring to a later semester if things still need more time or finding a country right now that’ll be a good fit for you. You can bet that once things open up, you’ll be the first to know!