Last updated October 13

Today’s Status, Looking Towards Spring 2022 — Green

We currently have volunteers here for a Fall 2021 semester, after a successful group in the Summer, Spring, and previous Fall (2020). We are planning on a Spring 2022 semester here as well.

Check below to get more details on some key aspects that we’re watching (it’s stuff you’re going to want to know). Also, this info can change often, so check back frequently.

Getting There

Borders are open! For those who are fully vaccinated, no testing is required. Travelers can also enter Ukraine either with a negative antigen rapid  Covid-19 test result, or a PRC test issued at most 72 hours before arrival.   

Please stay up to date on current entry requirements. They are changing frequently, but can be looked up here and here.    

There is an additional health insurance requirement for travelers to Ukraine.

You don’t need a visa prior to arriving in Ukraine.

International flights have been open since the middle of June, 2021 (except a brief closure in September) — a welcome change since on March 25, 2020, Ukraine closed its border for all scheduled passenger services.

Additionally, the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine has resumed online scheduling of certain American Services (things like passport renewals and replacements) after being suspended for months.

Daily Life

All ILP Ukraine volunteers must be vaccinated (no exceptions).

As of October 13, Ukraine has 490.4 active cases per 100,000 people. In comparison, the USA is currently averaging 2,380.8 cases. Healthcare in Kiev is good, with a number of quality private hospitals. Testing is available and happening, and the country has started vaccinating. Everyone has been eligible to receive the vaccine since July 21, 2021.

Children are back in class. The schools have asked all teachers to have a Covid-19 test before you begin teaching (even if you’re vaccinated).

There are a few restrictions to be aware of, but plenty of things have started to reopen.

Ukraine has recently instituted the use of vaccine passports — allowing cinemas, gyms, theaters, and swimming pools to operate without social distancing if all visitors (and 80% or more of the staff) are at least partially vaccinated. Education institutions can also operate with no social distance measures if all the staff are fully vaccinated.

Out & About

The country is in an adaptive quarantine until December (the end of 2021). Under this level of Ukraine’s state of emergency, expect mandatory mask policies (on public transportation, in public buildings, etc.) , social distancing, and 50% capacity limits for social events. However, these restrictions do not apply if all participants and 80% of the staff are vaccinated. This level of emergency has been the case in Ukraine through several ILP semesters.

We have had volunteers in Ukraine since Fall 2020. You can get a glimpse into what living, teaching, and even traveling is like on the ILP takeover. Just find the Ukraine highlight at the top to see the most current semester’s takeover. 

Volunteers will need to wear a mask while teaching, so be prepared for that.

Travel around the country is looking good. We’ve seen the country open up recently, with businesses, restaurants, public transportation, beaches, and more open to locals and tourists.

For the most part, transportation and hotels around Ukraine are open for business which is really good news for everyone looking to travel around the country.

Policies for destinations in Europe are constantly changing — it may be an option to visit a handful of countries which allow vaccinated travelers, or those who require a negative test previous to arrival. 

Lately, we’ve seen that nearly all European countries are requiring that travellers be vaccinated. Europe vacations will only be an option for vaccinated volunteers.

Volunteers will be working with their program manager about which locations could be  available for vacations, but know that traveling within Ukraine is going to be an option regardless.

Can I still apply for Ukraine?

Absolutely! We have volunteers here for a Fall 2021 semester, so if you’re considering volunteering for the Spring, we’d recommend getting a jump on your application ASAP! Or if you’re considering traveling later in 2022 (or Spring 2023), now is a great time to start your application for those semesters as well. 

We are so excited for volunteers to be back in Ukraine!

What is traveling and living in Ukraine like right now?

For Ukraine, things have slowly been opening back up both for domestic and international tourism. We’re seeing some of the same precautions you’d take at home (like wearing a mask and social distancing). Just like there is a risk to go out in Utah right now, there will be risks to traveling anywhere, including Ukraine.