Important note
— ILP’s Ukraine program (and all travel to Ukraine) is currently paused due to the Russian invasion.

We hope to be back in Ukraine when circumstances allow, however it is impossible to know right now when that will be. We have been working with partners in Ukraine for the past 30 years and this program is close to our heart. We continue to pray for peace for both our friends and family in both Ukraine and Russia.

In the meantime, we recommend looking into volunteering in the orphanage program in Romania where you can get similar European experiences. We have also included an option on the application where you can let us know if you’re interested in potentially switching to Ukraine if spots open up by the time your semester starts.

There’s also a unique opportunity for ILP alumni to teach ILP classes to our Ukrainian kiddos online! It’s important that the kids continue their education through this on-going war, so ILP classes have continued online. It also provides a much needed bit of normalcy and fun for the kids. If you are interested, reach out to and we’ll get you in touch with our Ukrainian Coordinator for more details.