Picking your favorite colored cathedral may be one of the hardest parts about living in Ukraine; stepping in this country is like stepping into a fairytale, full of massive cathedrals that are painted a rainbow of colors, ancient castles that peek through green hills, and a sprawling capital city.

Oh, and did we mention beachy getaways down by the Black Sea or falling in love with the L’viv chocolate shop? Ukraine is vibrant, splashed with bright murals. Ukraine is historical, harbouring reminders of what this country used to be. But to you, Ukraine is home.

City: Kiev

Service: Make a difference by helping children learn English through this Exchange program.

Life Abroad: Experience Ukraine by living with the locals! Your host family may feed you traditional, home cooked meals, and don’t forget to try borsch. They can even help you learn and practice Ukrainian.

Group Size: 8-10 volunteers. There will be other groups in Kiev that you’ll have the chance to befriend as well.

Semesters: Fall semester is August/early September – December. Spring semester is January – early June (with a few spots available to return early in late April). Summer semester is generally mid March/mid April – mid July.

Your Ukrainian 'to do' list:

Hike through the beautiful forest, have water fights with the kids, go to the ballet in Kiev (one of the best in the world), visit Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) where outdoor concerts & dancing competitions are held, learn how to cook Ukrainian meals with your host mom, visit the LDS Kiev Temple, sing in one of the cathedrals in the Lavra, climb the stairs of St. Andrew’s church for a breathtaking view of the city lights at night, go to one of the numerous free concerts downtown, and go through the underground system of caves of the Pecherska Lavra (once a home to Orthodox monks). Visit Andriyvsky Uzviz and see the plethora of souvenirs and vendors.


Not only do you get to travel to our favorites sties around Ukraine, but you can also vacation throughout the European Union.

  • Around Ukraine…
    See castle-like fortresses and green stretches of land in Kamyanets-Podilsky, head south to the Black Sea and fun coastal towns like Odessa and Yalta for fun in the sun, boardwalk cafe and dolphins.
  • Czech Republic
    Arrive early, before other tourists, to walk along famous Charles Bridge, walk up the hill to Prague castle, and shop in this capital city.
  • Hungary
    Spend the weekend in Budapest, relaxing in famous thermal spas, walk around castle hill, and take a short cruise for sites of both Buda and Pest.
  • Austria
    Visit museums and photograph detailed architecture in tranquil Vienna and try local cuisine wiener schnitzel.
  • Poland
    Learn WWII history firsthand by touring historic sites like Auschwitz and the Jewish District, spend the day exploring Old Town Krakow and take a trip into the Salt Mines.
  • Slovakia
    Take a boat ride to historic castle ruins, stroll through and have lunch on the streets of Old Town Bratislava, and climb the hillside to views of the city and a Soviet War Memorial.
  • Netherlands
    Have a scenic picnic by a windmill, explore Amsterdam, visit the Van Gogh Museum, and have a fun filled day at one of the adventure and fantasy theme parks.
  • Slovenia Boat across the lake to medieval Bled castle, take the train through the underground network of caves, and hike through ravines and canyons.
  • Bulgaria Stroll the streets of the capital, relax in famous mineral spas, and bike the mountains along the Black Sea coast.
  • Moldova Explore cave monasteries, beautiful churches, and another chance to head to the coast. Get the true feel of a Russian culture here.
  • Croatia Ancient coastal towns like Dubrovnik, Roman amphitheaters, and some of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe.
  • Greece Head to one of the top destinations in the world. The Parthenon, Mykonos, hilltop monasteries, incredible town views…need we say more?
  • Italy Eat to your heart’s content in Naples, stand in awe of historic architecture in Rome, and take a boat tour of Venice.
  • France Fulfill your childhood dreams by having a picnic in front of the eiffel tower, spend an afternoon in the Louvre, and soak up the sun on the coast.
  • Switzerland Hike or take in views of the Swiss Alps by train, paddle board on Lake Geneva, and get your fill of chocolate.
  • Germany Explore fairytale castles, take a train through the scenic Black Forest, and check out the artsy side of Berlin.

...I never thought I would think of Ukraine as my home!

“Choosing to live in Ukraine for the past three months was definitely the best decision I have ever made! This has been the hardest yet most exciting summer of my whole life. I was able to visit 5 beautiful countries, teach some amazing children and make hilarious life long friends! I never thought I would think of Ukraine as my home!” – Makayli Jorgensen