We’ll talk about this several times (at application, getting ready to go, training, and at the start of the trip) so that it’s clear what the expectations are. At any point in the application/volunteering process, we are happy to answer any questions. If you feel you may struggle with any of the following items, a semester volunteering with ILP might not be the type of experience you’re looking for.

Code of Personal Conduct

ILP volunteers are responsible to understand and uphold the following moral standards during the duration of the semester abroad:

  • Abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
  • Obey the local laws
  • Do not use vulgar or profane language
  • Follow ILP guidelines for dress and demeanor for volunteer’s location
  • Follow all rules and help other volunteers do the same


  1. ILP volunteers may not travel alone. In taxis or rideshares after 9:00 PM, and in some locations, they must travel in groups of 3.
  2. ILP volunteers must follow ILP location-specific rules (curfews, associations, prohibited places or activities, etc.)
  3. ILP volunteers may not be involved in romantic relationships or physically intimate behavior (non-marital) within the volunteer group and/or with locals. The standard is not how participants characterize the relationships or behavior but how others perceive it. Volunteers may not pair off (be alone or exclusive) with others who are potential romantic interests, and the use of dating apps is prohibited during the program.
  4. ILP volunteers should remain politically neutral in their conversations (including online and social media) as well as their activities.
  5. Volunteers may not miss teaching for any reason other than illness.
  6. Volunteers may not allow teaching or ILP materials to be filmed, recorded, or duplicated in any way without the written consent of the Program Directors. This includes giving copies of teaching manuals, books, or any other pages of ILP material.
  7. ILP volunteers must have travel outside of the city or overnight outside of ILP housing approved by Head Teacher and Program Manager. Approval must be requested on a fully completed travel request form.
  8. ILP volunteers may not receive compensation for services rendered in-country in or out of the schools (e.g. teaching English to outside groups, accepting full or part-time jobs, etc.).
  9. ILP volunteers must refrain from any sort of religious proselytizing or solicitation, and from distributing literature that could be construed as having religious content where such actions are forbidden by law or by ILP Head Teachers or Coordinators.
  10. ILP volunteers must live in housing with common courtesy and responsibility, respect of property, and maintain a personal commitment to conduct life in a responsible, professional, and mature demeanor in and out of the school.

If there are violations of the Rules or Code of Conduct, Head Teachers and Program Managers will work with those concerned to arrive at a solution. Volunteers may be dismissed from the program and required to pay an early termination fee for violation of Rules or Code of Conduct. Head Teachers and Program Managers are required to report any violation or suspicion of violation of the rules to the ILP Directors. We also ask that any volunteers reach out to the Support Team confidentially if they have concerns regarding a member of their group or their Head Teacher in relation to the Rules and Code of Conduct.