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Please read through this basic information before clicking the online application link below.

As a volunteer teacher youíll have the opportunity of a
lifetime as you learn and grow through your service adventure working with
children in a foreign country. You'll be such a blessing to the kids, but not
as much as they'll be to you!

What exactly
is ILP?

International Language Programs (ILP) is a non profit
service organization which sends approximately 400 volunteers per year to
thirteen cities in Russia, Ukraine, China, and Mexico to teach English to
children. Volunteers are trained to use the Duolingual Education teaching
method created by the late Dr. Trevor McKee, Ph.D., former professor at Brigham Young University.
While in their country of service, volunteers receive support both in and out
of the classroom from head teachers and local native leaders. In some schools
volunteers live with host families near the school where they teach,
and in others volunteers live in dorms on campus.

What does it

The program fee for the entire 4-5 months is only $2520,
which covers your airfare, food, housing, language and culture classes,
visas,  pre-departure training, and
on-site support. If you are able to pay in full within three weeks after acceptance
you will receive a $100 discount, making the program fee only $2420. In either
case, since ILP is non-profit, the entire program fee is tax deductible for
both you and anyone who donates to your experience. You will also need to
obtain a passport (about $97), bring your own spending money (we recommend
$1000-$1500 for travel and souvenirs), and take a suitcase of supplies to use
while teaching. Many volunteers get their supplies donated.

When can I

The sooner the better! Don't let the window of opportunity
slip by. ILP sends teachers twice a year for 4-5 months at a time. The first
group teaches from January to June, and the second teaches from August to
December We accept applicants up to three semesters in advance.

What about
school credits?

Though we are not directly affiliated with any college or
university, many volunteers have arranged credit while participating with ILP.
ILP is supportive of volunteers who need to take classes in order to
participate, but if at all possible we invite you to NOT take credits. The
beauty of the ILP experience is that it is Service Abroad, so the academic
value comes through the hands-on, tangible nature of the service. If receiving
credit will be necessary for you, please meet with your school counselor in the U.S. 
to discuss the best way to arrange it.

What is
daily life and teaching like?

As an ILP teacher, you'll spend about half the day at the
school teaching and preparing lessons, and the other half attending language or
culture classes, exploring, playing, or just relaxing. Youíll also have
weekends and vacation time free.

Teaching is very rewarding. The kids learn through
organized play in English, so you donít need to know how to speak Russian or
Chinese. Children usually begin when they are 4-5 years old, and stay in the
program for about eight years. Your students will produce some of your very
best memories about being in the country!

What kinds
of people go?

We've learned this program isn't for everyone, but if any
of these qualities would describe you, chances are you'd really love it:

  • Desire to serve children by helping
    them learn English
  • Experience teaching or working with
  • Demonstrated ability to work with
    others, including peer leaders
  • Enthusiastic attitude and
    commitment to live a life of exemplary conduct
  • Demonstrated ability to stick to a
    difficult project or cause through obstacles, personal sacrifice, unexpected
    circumstances, over an extended period of time.

Can my
friend come too?

We love to send
friends together, so look around and see if you know any other people that
would like to go with you! You can help kids by volunteering, and you can help
even more kids by inviting other great people to go with you! A friend also
brings the support of already knowing someone when you first get to the
country. Don't worry, if you don't go with a friend, you'll make friends there.

Are there any rules I have to follow?

To ensure a positive experience for you and the other
volunteer teachers, all ILP volunteers adhere to safety rules and a code of
conduct, which are outlined in detail in the Interview/References portion of
the online application.

What do I do

If you're interested in applying to serve with ILP, complete the online application by clicking the link below, and submit the $30 application fee.
As of May 15, 2009 a 3%
surcharge will be added to all credit card payments. E-check payments may be
made free of charge.
We also accept check or cash payments.

Each Friday complete
applications are collected for review.
You will receive
notification by email within one week after your application is reviewed.

We have past volunteers working as representatives in our office that would love to
assist you in any way possible. Please call us if you'd like to set up an
interview, need help filling out the application correctly, would like
fundraising info, have any questions, or would just like to chat with someone
who's been. Call us toll free at (800) 349-1846, or email us at
We want you to have all the information you'll need to decide if this is a good
fit for you.  Tell us how we can help!