Explore palaces filled with lavish banquet halls, spend an afternoon at royal gardens, and spot towering onion domed spires that top intricate cathedrals — spending a semester here means living and breathing an expansive history, one that very few travelers ever get to experience.

See where tsars spent their summer, peek into rooms filled with gold and crystal and see sites you’ll instantly recognize, like the iconic St. Basil’s cathedral. Vacation in classic cities and all over Europe when you’re not teaching, but call the alluring, historic captivating country of Mother Russia your home.

City: Moscow and Voronezh

Service: Make a difference by helping children learn English through this Exchange program.

Life Abroad: Get immersed into the culture and maybe have your very own babushka by living with a host family. Get your fill of hearty meals of meat, potatoes, and soups and don’t forget to try Blini and Shawarma. Learn about history by exploring beautiful architecture and sites and practice your newly learned Russia in the markets.

Group Size: Usually 6-10, depending on the semester.

Semesters: Fall semester is late August – December. Spring semester is mid January – end of May/early June.

Get to know Russians & they will be your friend for life.

On the street it is not normal for Russians to smile, so you may hear that they are mean or cold, but they are so nice! Just embrace your first awkward moment when your natural urge to smile at a stranger comes out while they stare blankly back. The parents of ILP students are very kind and so grateful that you are teaching their kids. You may be lucky enough to have your very own ‘Babuska’ grandma who will make your stay in Russia memorable to say the least.


Not only do Russia volunteers get to travel to other places within Russia like St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novgorod, and Pavlovsk, they also get to travel throughout the European Union and Ukraine.

  • Moscow, Russia
    Walk around the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, attend the Bolshoi Ballet, and shop at one of the souvenir markets.
  • Lithuania
    Stroll the cobblestone streets of Old Town in Vilnius, sail around a Trakai castle, ride horses along the Baltic Sea in Palanga.
  • Estonia
    Jump into midieval times in Tallinn, ride your bike along the Baltic Sea, and kayak around Saaremaa Island.
  • Latvia
    Get a glimpse of Riga’s skyline from St. Peter’s church tower, have lunch in Riga’s Old Town, and visit the opera.
  • Ukraine
    Visit castles at Kamianets-Podilskyi, soak up the sun at the Crimea peninsula, spend a day in charming Lviv and don’t forget the capital, Kiev.
  • Finland
    Relax in a traditional Finnish sauna, take a ride in the karaoke taxi, and explore Helsinki.
  • Sweden
    Tour through winding alleyways of Stockholm’s Old Town, enjoy live music in downtown Stockholm, and try famous Swedish meatballs for lunch.
  • Poland
    Learn WWII history firsthand by touring historic sites like Auschwitz and the Jewish District, spend the day exploring Old Town Krakow and take a trip into the Salt Mines.
  • Austria
    Visit museums and photograph detailed architecture in tranquil Vienna and try local cuisine wiener schnitzel.
  • France Fulfill your childhood dreams by having a picnic in front of the eiffel tower, spend an afternoon in the Louvre, and soak up the sun on the coast.
  • Italy Eat to your heart’s content in Naples, stand in awe of historic architecture in Rome, and take a boat tour of Venice.
  • Germany Explore fairytale castles, take a train through the scenic Black Forest, and check out the artsy side of Berlin.
  • Switzerland Hike or take in views of the Swiss Alps by train, paddle board on Lake Geneva, and get your fill of chocolate.
  • Netherlands Have a scenic picnic by a windmill, explore Amsterdam, visit the Van Gogh Museum, and have a fun filled day at one of the adventure and fantasy theme parks.
  • United Kingdom Watch the sunset at the Jurassic Coast, explore Shakespeare’s hometown, hear the Big Ben chimes, and of course don’t miss Stonehenge.
  • Norway Island-hop around scenic archipelagos, take a hike to one of the world’s most scenic hanging cliffs, and get your fill of the outdoors.
  • Ireland Get outside in the greenery and get beautiful views from the cliffs, explore castles, and stroll the streets of Dublin.
  • Bulgaria Stroll the streets of the capital, relax in famous mineral spas, and bike the mountains along the Black Sea coast.
  • Czech Republic Arrive early, before other tourists, to walk along famous Charles Bridge, walk up the hill to Prague castle, and shop in this capital city.

Ballets, churches & metros...oh my!

There’s plenty to do and see. Head downtown and explore. Hold monkeys at an amusement park in St. Petersburg. Check out the beautiful, detailed churches. Experience the incredible ballets like The Nutcracker. Pick up authentic nesting dolls or a large painting to bring home. Any bookworms out there? Check out the must read Russian authored books: Anna Karenina, Crime & Punishment, and War & Peace.