We are pleased to provide an opportunity for volunteers to give of their talents and serve children in the Dominican Republic who have very little resources.

How This English School Came To Be

ILP recently connected with The Dominican Starfish Foundation. They have been giving back to the community of Puerto Plata in numerous ways for several years. Louise ZoBell, the Executive Director of DSF first traveled to the Dominican Republic on vacation and fell in love with the beauty, the weather, and the friendly people. During one of her vacations, she decided to walk through the city's streets and discovered the deep poverty of the locals living in this resort supported area. Once she saw what was actually going on, she knew she had to give back.

“As we went beyond the beach into the communities we saw the extreme need there.”

-Louise ZoBell, Executive Director of Dominican Starfish Foundation

Louise, her family, and a small group of friends initially started by bringing supplies to orphanages, then to resort workers, and then to schools. Since then they have started the non-profit organization Dominican Starfish Foundation. ILP is excited to bring our program to the schools they have built and supported.

Some accomplishments of the Dominican Starfish Foundation

  • Building. Built more than 20 homes for local families in need (7 more in different phases of construction now).
  • Fundraising. Helped to fund medical expenses for the needy.
  • Supporting. Provided meals, clothing and supplies for school children.
  • Financial Support. Supported construction and expansion of schools.

Multiple acts of service from multiple sources have come together to make this ILP school in the Dominican Republic possible.

How You Will Help

The children you will teach come from extreme poverty. These children are living in the modest homes, some that were so generously built by the Dominican Starfish Foundation. The ability to understand and speak English is a valuable gift that will open doors for their future, especially in a city where many jobs surround tourism. You will provide opportunities that they may not otherwise have. Your ability to speak English naturally, your love, and caring are needed here!
See how many basic needs aren’t being met and take the opportunity to be part of the effort to fulfill them. Don’t just enjoy the vacation destination, give back too.