Which Program Is Right For Me?

ILP has two programs: an Exchange Program and a Humanitarian Program. Both programs are very similar (with a couple major differences), so comparing the differences directly may help you decide which program is right for you.

Exchange Program

Volunteer abroad ILP
  • What do you do: Teaching children English through the ILP method by playing with them, singing songs, making treats, and arts & crafts. Think summer camp in a classroom.
  • Who you are teaching: Children in public or private schools who come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Children’s Ages: Generally 4-12 (with the exception of a few instances of some time spent teaching students up through age 17).
  • Countries: China, Lithuania, Mexico, Montenegro, Russia, Thailand, and Ukraine
  • Semesters: About 4 months: Fall, Spring, and Summer (China and Russia not available during Summer)
  • Living Arrangement: Apartment, dorm, or host family living depending on the location.
  • Cost: $2,520 including airfare, visa, housing, food, and culture classes.

Humanitarian Program

Volunteer abroad ILP
  • What do you do: Serve in an orphanage or help children learn English with the same teaching methodology as the Exchange program.
  • Who are you serving: Children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford an English education. You’ll serve in an orphanage or teach in extremely impoverished areas (Costa Rica is less impoverished, however the children cannot afford private school).
  • Children’s Ages: Generally 4-12 years old (with the exception in Romania where you may work with as young as infant age)
  • Countries: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, Romania, and Uganda
  • Semesters: About 4 months: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Living Arrangement: A house/apartment/dorm with other volunteers or with host families as needed
  • Cost: The cost of the Humanitarian program is higher because of the nature of your service there. The children and their families are not able to help subsidize your expenses. Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Nicaragua: $3,720. Romania and Uganda: $5,470
  • How is Romania different? Romania is our only program that does not involve teaching English. Click the link to learn more.

Keeping the perks going

Aside from the main differences listed above, both programs have the same elements of an ILP semester. Whether you’re teaching English in a classroom or holding babies in an orphanage, you will still enjoy the parts of ILP that appeal to so many of the volunteers:
  • Make a difference: Through your personal interactions you will build a foundation for the development and confidence of these children as well as open doors for their future.
  • Travel: Enjoy vacation time throughout the semester to travel and experience your own country as well as neighboring countries when approved.
  • Build your resume: No experience is required in either programs. Use the skills you develop to enhance your resume and get ahead in school.
  • Serve with volunteers of similar standards: The high expectations and code of conduct that draws many to the ILP program is the same for both programs.
  • Immerse in the culture: Volunteering for 20 hours per week provides plenty of free time to put towards experiencing your city, the locals, and the culture around you.